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Nylon 66 bonded thread is applying for...
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UL brief introduction:

UL was established in 1894, is the abbreviation of American Safe Underwriteries Laboratories Inc. UL is a product security testing authentication organization that non-take seeks to make a profit as the goal. It has more than 50 laboratories, approximately 6000 staffs in the whole world. There are tens of thousands of products to authenticate through UL and uses UL to symbolize every year. At present UL has nearly more than 800 sets of standards, and 75% of it’s used by American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

UL safe authentication is divided three kinds: approval, listing, classification. And their labels are dissimilar (please see below pictures).

approval - US market         approval - US and Canada market

listing- US market            listing - US and Canada market

classification- US market      classification- US and Canada market


The UL listing service is the most widely-known service of UL safe authentication. The products with UL listed label, means the manufactory nominated UL tested their sample according to the standard of security which approved by the US. In the case of reasonable and foreseeable, the sample will not cause fire, power-leakage and other related danger.


The organ approval service is for testing the spare part and the semi-finished product. These organs will be used in UL listed products. This service covers millions of products. Such as plastic, wire, the line board, either even large-scale part like motorcycle, power source.


The UL classified products are tested according to the heterogeneity, assigned dangerous scope or other specific situation. Generally speaking, the classified products mostly are the building material or the industry instruments.


The classified products including industrial products and commodities. For the test, they need to assign the heterogeneity, including the flammability, special specification that government requests for dangerous products.


With the request of the UL authentication for the export products, the UL authentication for sewing thread is imperative. Our Nylon 66 bonded thread is suitable in the high-end exports. And our whole set of process from raw material purchase, the twisting, dyeing, molding to finishing deferring to UL the authentication request. We hope by this way we can let our sewing threads specially our Nylon 66 bonded thread can meet more high-end customers’ demand.


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